Tweened animation

Posted by admin on February 10, 2013 in Unity3d |

There are a few animation tween plugins for Unity. The most popular are iTween and HOTween. The first that has appeared was iTween and I have chosen that one to use in this experiment.

All the movable scene objects are groupped into the categories and attached to the array of lists in the animation script.

The lists gets sorted by the objects positions and the script loops through the subsequent lists applying the animation with incremented delay.

And that is what I have got. Click on the image to open the WebPlayer.


I just got accustomed for baking and using the lightmaps, but because these are inappriopriate for this case, I tried Screen Space Ambient Occlusion to simulate the shadows.

The runtime shadows available in Deferred Lighting rendering path are decrease the FPS quite much and lack antialiasing, but could be an option in I wanted to make just the every frame screenhots to combine them into video file at lower resolution, what I was actually going to do.


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