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This is my second experiment related to loading of user textures.  The first one is simpler one and can be found here.

The idea of this experiment is to allow the user to put his own textures from the local computer filesystem into the virtual environment and take the pictures of that. The example scene is constituted from a simple exhibition stand placed inside the exhibition hall.runtime textures experiment

On pressing on to a selection/textures button you enter the object selection mode and you can select  the objects that were specially tagged indside the Unity3d editor. The selected object displays materials/textures window for it. The walls of this example exhibiton stand have the color texture palette assigned and  the user is allowed to select between the palette colors or to put his own texture from the local computer filesystem. The floors of this stand have  the floor covering texture palette assigned and the user has the choice within this palette only. I have assumed the pallette textures to cover the 1×1 area and they are tiled, while the user textures are supposed to be untileable and they stretch to the object size.

You are of course warmly welcome to try my example. Once you have put your bitmaps and done your selections and settings, you can save it and then retrieve when you play again. You can also take virtual shots with the special virtual camera. The shots are sent to server and generate a gallery. To save on the loading time I have applied the RGB565 format, using 64k color (High Color) palette.

The “Load your own texture” button opens the texture loadning form at the bottom strip of the page. When you select a file with that, the uploading of the file to the server starts and once this is completed the WebPlayer downloads it back from the server, showing the progress on the download info window.

The camera button generates a screenshot. The megapixel size of it can take two values: 1,3 or 5,2 depending on the selection, while the proportions are copied from the browser window.  The screenshot then is sent to server in the png format and the uploading info window appears. The uploaded screenshots make the galleries. In order to access them, just click a galleries button below the camera, and that will display links to the galleries in the bottom strip of the page.

The link to the demo is here and the 

are here.


  • PanDo says:

    Hi, how do you create Load your own texture function?
    Do you have any tutorial or reference for it?

  • Thomas says:

    Hi, I’m currently trying to take a screenshot from a Unity Flash build and send it to the server. I find very few info on how to achieve this and am a bit stuck at the moment. I tried all the basics CaptureScreenshot(), ReadPixels() etc but it looks like non of them is supported.. I toyed around with your scene and noticed that you do have this feature working pretty well. Would you mind telling me how to do it? (Especially the screenshot taking part, I believe I’ll be able to handle the upload on my own with the WWWForms.)

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      There is a quite bit of info on that on the net. Note that Application.CaptureScreenshot() you are quoting here is not supposed to work in WebPlayer. You can find two useful scripts ScreenshotTakerIndie.js and ScreenshotTakerPro.js here. I am using a modified version of the second one, because it is based on RenderTexture class which is available in Pro licence which I am using. Another issues can arise if you publish to Unity Flash – the scripts have to get translated to ActionScript and the question is whether the classes you are using have their counterparts in ActionScript.

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  • jmwwhg says:

    Your experiment inspired me to learn and do more in my world! Thank you for sharing.

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