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FPS games are fascinating, but unfortunately I feel I haven’t got enough creative capabilities I could to rely on to make any attempts to make a game on my own. Instead, I would prefer to make some utility applications. The simplest ones to make with Unity are the architectural walkthroughs and I have already done some of them. Possibly mine are not impressive enough and I do not experience much demand for it. And that is why I have to reach for the other, similar, but more difficult category, that are various 3d space configurators that begin to appear on webpages of furniture or interior stores and property developers. Those configurators usually have libraries of items from the store. They allow a user to sign in, register ant place the library items in the specified space and then explore it.

For someone like me it could be a next step in experimenting in Unity and sounds like a challenge. So I am going to make the space configurator template and publish here the state of development and the end result when I finish it.

At the moment I have some steps already done, but I have to sort out the basic functionalities and setup the user interface which has to include all of them. I have an idea of four basic functionalities:

  • navigation: walk/orbit
  • creation – and here the mentioned earlier library list should appear
  • edition – will allow to move, rotate, delete and texture faces of created objects
  • file – for opening and saving projects and textures import

When I am done with graphic user interface I will publish the application. Some of its elements will be inactive at the beginning and I will activate them in the course of progress.

I am also going to make the source code of the whole project or some parts of it available here for download and sharing. If it sounds interesting to you, please vote in the below poll to motivate me.

What do you think of the idea of making the space configurator to share?

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