Hi there! I am interested in three-dimensional computer graphics. My interest in computers dates back from early eighties, when I got the famous ZX Spectrum 48k computer. I didn’t need more than two hours of sleeping a day for the first three days when I got it. Then a few years later a friend of mine had let me take home and use his PC AT, because he was too busy with building his home to do anything on it himself. Unfortunately my education comes from times, when programming languages were ruled by Fortran, Cobol, Basic and hardly anyone has heard anything about Object Oriented Programming. I decided to learn OOP quite recently on the basis of Flash Actionscript 3.0. I will present some of my experiments here and they will be available here for download with source files and code.

Then I wanted do things in 3d and started to play with Papervision 3d classes. Below you can see my simple Papervision DAE file viewer.



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